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Full-service Lightning Service Provider (LSP)

What is Blocktank LSP?

Blocktank LSP is a set of software tools that businesses, apps, web platforms or Bitcoiners can use to monetize Lightning Network connections and automatically manage channel liquidity.

Supporting the Lightning Network is challenging and providing a good user experience to your customers is tricky.

Blocktank LSP includes solutions for several types of businesses and their users.

Blocktank Widget

Empower your visitors by onboarding them onto the Lightning Network as simply, quickly, and affordably as possible.

The Blocktank Widget enables your website visitors to quickly configure and purchase Lightning channels and liquidity from our node.

This widget can be embedded into any web page or platform as an iframe. Contact us if you need help implementing and customizing it.

Blocktank API

Blocktank API allows businesses, apps, or online platforms to integrate, automate, and monetize services from your Lightning node. This includes channel configuration, channel purchases, channel info and more.

Let your customers hold their own keys, offer them instant withdrawals, and tap as much BTC liquidity as they need.

Check the Blocktank API docs, test the Blocktank Client, or Contact us if you want to be whitelisted for access.

Blocktank Hubs

Become a Blocktank Hub by running your own Blocktank server and joining the Blocktank sub-network. Blocktank Hubs get special access to automatic rebalancing of channels with our highly optimized, well-connected node infrastructure.

Visit the Blocktank Deck to learn more about how Blocktank can supercharge your Bitcoin Business.

Learn more about our fees in our Terms & Conditions.