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Bitcoiners have been predicting hyperbitcoinization like it will magically happen on its own someday, but what would it actually be like to live in a world that does not have megabanks, excessive regulation, or Big Tech controlling every aspect of our lives?

What can we, as Bitcoiners, do to accelerate and ensure the Bitcoin future we want?

Synonym has designed a strategy and model for facilitating and accelerating a Bitcoin future by researching, developing, and bootstrapping a full ecosystem of the software products and protocols necessary to operate in a post-hyperbitcoinization environment.


The Web We Weave

We are building out a lightweight, scalable, and decentralized "web of trust" protocol, Slashtags, which brings new utility and self-sovereign experiences to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

We will demonstrate the power of Slashtags by shipping products and applications that show how this technology can empower everyone to use the internet in a safer, freer way.


Digital Autonomy Through Circular Economy

We take product research, design, and development seriously, so we have modeled a future network ecosystem that uses a set of unique design axioms as restrictions.

Our core design principle is to strive for a circular economy: the elimination of wasteful conversion, exchange, storage, processing, or transmission of value and information.



We're taking Bitcoin Maximalism to the next level by committing to creating a comprehensive user experience and ecosystem using only Bitcoin as a foundational layer.

Bitcoin can have better tokens, finance, and next-generation “Web 3” features without relying on multiple blockchains.



Bitcoin applications and protocols require efficient designs that minimize conversion, friction, and handling of unwanted data.

We hope to eliminate redundancy on layers by respecting their role as competitive “games” for prioritizing on-chain settlements.



Monopolistic companies and burdensome regulations are competing to lock people into their walled garden financial platforms.

We think Bitcoin can be the anchor for every "killer" app by providing an "open garden" for commerce and rethinking the web as we know it.


Privacy & Trust Controls

We believe that privacy is lost, not gained and that users need easier ways to control their credentials, personal information, and metadata.

Trust is earned, but users also need better ways to track and establish reputation without relying on violent enforcement.



At Synonym, we believe in the original Bitcoin vision: everyone having self-ownership and control of their own digital assets.

Modern Bitcoin tools like the Lightning Network allow businesses and platforms to require less custody of assets and information.

Protect, manage, and use your digital value without having to trust centralized monopolies.



Our software is free and open-source under the MIT license, allowing anyone to use, audit, or contribute to our products.

This includes server products that most businesses would be disinclined to open to the public.

We are committed to open technology and networks.