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Our Team



Corey Phillips

Mobile Developer

Jason van den Berg

Mobile Developer


Web Engineer

Ar Nazeh

Front-End Developer

Ivan Vershigora

Mobile Developer


NodeJS Engineer



Aldert Greijdanus

Product Designer




We are a remote team, working with a coalition of independent engineers and businesses to bring new integrated products to Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and other Bitcoin layers and blockchain-agnostic P2P technologies.

We are hiring for the following positions:

This position requires an experienced JS/Node.js developer and is available to anyone self-driven, and with the experience, motivation and capacity to contribute to our vision.

We are looking for team members who can take the initiative, deliver, improve, and maintain novel web platforms. You will be part of a dynamic, multi-faceted team, and have the chance to help shape the direction of a suite of Bitcoin-integrated applications.

USA citizens and USA residents are not eligible for this position.

  • Knowledge and experience with microservices architecture
  • Comfortable with high-availability concepts
  • Have actively participated in the development of a sophisticated platform as one of the leading developers
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies
  • Exceptional JavaScript skills, ability to performance optimize code, Ruby, Rust or C++ skills are a plus
  • Other technologies of interest: Message queues (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ), Job Queues
  • Direct experience integrating and applying Bitcoin, Lightning Network, P2P network protocols, and other applied cryptography is ideal, but not wholly required, depending on experience.

We'd like to add an experienced React Native Developer (cross-platform Android/iOS) to our mobile wallet team. Our wallet includes features for Bitcoin, Lightning Network, tokens, P2P networking, authentication and more. We may build additional mobile apps in the future.

UI - Build and render beautiful responsive applications with our design team.

New Features - Synonym continuously strives to create unique and innovative experiences around P2P technologies and concepts, with the goal of making P2P technologies mainstream.

Scalability - The mobile application must remain effortlessly smooth, responsive, and real-time for customers as the platform continues to scale to accommodate new user growth and feature growth.

USA citizens and USA residents are not eligible for this position.

  • Passion for user experience, and for building pixel-perfect UI implementations
  • Highly proficient in JavaScript and ES6+
  • Familiar with modern front-end pipelines and tools
  • Experienced with WebSockets, RESTful based APIs
  • Comfortable working with and interested in P2P technologies
  • Thoroughly experienced with React, React-Native, Redux and their core principles
  • Self-managed & self-motivated, comfortable working independently
  • Good communication and ability to report progress and blockers
  • Interested in bringing diverse, novel, and innovative applications to life
  • Node.js experience is not required but a plus
  • Bitcoin & Lightning network experience is a plus

This listing is an open call for anyone interested in working at Synonym that has direct experience working at a Bitcoin company under ANY specialization.

If you think you have a way to help Synonym realize its vision and roadmap, and you are unfulfilled at your current company, send us your CV and we will respond with discretion and be creative about considering creating a place for you here.

USA citizens and USA residents are not eligible for this position.

  • 2+ years of experience working at a Bitcoin company
  • OR, 1+ years of experience contributing to an open-source Bitcoin project
  • OR, 6+ months of experience working with Hypercore
  • OR, 6+ months of experience working with Lightning Development Kit (LDK)

We treat all employees and job applicants equally. Every decision is based on merit, qualifications, and talent. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.